5 Things I Can Help You With

The TL;DR version 😎: I help beginner adult riders learn how to face their fears, overcome limiting beliefs, and be on their way to fulfilling their riding dreams through support, tools, and resources – from the perspective of someone who didn’t start to ride until 35!

The wordier version 😊: Despite years of lessons from a highly qualified, understanding, and empathetic coach, I’ve found there are so many things that I’ve had to learn how to deal with on my own. This is due to my own limiting beliefs and fears, my overthinking/overanalyzing/perfectionist adult brain, not to mention the oh-so-fun challenges of my brain knowing what to do but my body just not cooperating! Then there’s the fact that I haven’t owned my own horse and primarily have ridden lesson horses.

There’s plenty of info out there about riding and horsemanship, but from what I’ve found in all my searching, there’s not a heck of a lot out there for those of us who ride school horses and/or start riding as nervous adults.

So, as a result of over a decade of trial and error (though the learning never ends!) I want to help anyone else out there at the beginning of their riding journey – or anyone that maybe has had a hiccup along the way and could use a friend who understands.

What you’ll find here is:

1. Help deal with your fears and be the rider you want to be, particularly as an adult learning to ride.

Whether your fears are based on actual experiences you’ve had or just all your “what if’ing”, we will delve into how to say goodbye to all the fears that are holding you back. You don’t want to completely get rid of fear as its primary purpose is helpful, but here we aim to not let unfounded fears derail us in our riding goals.

2. Get rid of your limiting beliefs about yourself and your riding.

This could easily be #1 as it really is what shapes our whole experience. We’ll dive into all things related to limiting beliefs and ways you can remove yours and replace them with empowering beliefs that will take your riding to a whole new level.

3. Provide riding advice from the perspective of an adult learning to ride and on lesson horses!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in any way claiming to be an expert rider and still have so much to learn (though we all know learning to ride is an endless process…!), but overall my trial-and-error hours in the saddle (so sorry and grateful to the horses I’ve ridden!) and reading books/watching videos ad nauseam, I have discovered some pieces of advice I like to give any adult beginner I come across. These are pieces of the riding puzzle that the pros and those who have ridden their whole lives don’t address – not on purpose but because riding comes so naturally to them and they don’t even know there are things they are doing that are making the whole process easier. I’ve had many “a-ha” moments that made all the difference (hello, swinging lower leg that was the bane of my riding for I can’t even tell you how long!!). Hopefully, I can shave off some of the learning curve or save you some frustration and address some of these issues early on in your riding journey.

4. Provide guided and subliminal meditations, journals, guides, and fun merchandise geared towards the adult beginner rider.

This will be both links to things I’ve come across and used myself, and ones I’ve personally created.

5. Give recommendations for books, videos, programs, and equestrian apparel I like and that have helped me.

Some of these will be affiliate links, but absolutely everything I recommend will be something I’ve read, watched, or used myself.


All in all, my primary purpose here is to be a home of useful information and services for those who, like myself, have come to riding later in life. Over the years, between my countless hours in the saddle and endless research to better both my riding and my mindset, I’ve learned things that have helped me, and, as it turned out, helped other beginner adult riders I’ve met along the way. So now I thought why not bring what I’ve learned to others outside of my local community?!

I truly hope this serves you in some way and helps you on your riding journey. 😀🏇😍

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