The Haunting of Emma Fraser Novella by Emily Blake

This is by me! And yes, Emily Blake is my pen name. 😉 Besides horses, I love to write, as well as animal communication and the paranormal, so I combined them all into this Nancy Drew-esque novella.

Here’s the blurb – check it out if you’re interested!

Another little girl has gone missing in the small town of Pine Valley.

Emma Fraser is a social worker, animal communicator, and reluctant psychic and medium. After a harrowing ordeal in the city where she was unable to save a family from a murderous ex, Emma returns home to the farm, determined to live like “normal” people, just her and the horses, no ghosts allowed. But with a serial killer on the loose, and another girl missing, the ghosts have a different plan in mind and will do what it takes to make Emma listen. Even her horse, Zen, is in on it.

Can Emma face her fears and save the missing girl before it’s too late?

A simple lined journal I made for documenting my riding lessons, but of course you can use it for anything.

Horses & Ponies Coloring Book

Yes, I’m so obsessed, I even made a horse coloring book! 😉

Perfect for kids ages 4-8 (or any horse-crazy kid or adult, lol).

  • 30 fun coloring pages and activities
  • Single-sided with grey back page to prevent bleed
  • A variety of styles, from simple to more intricate
  • Large format – 8.5″ x 11″ paper